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Dance Outs

A (non-comprehensive) list of things Mabel has been up to. Links lead to accounts of Mabel's Adventures.


April 5th-7thDERT, Newcastle
August 31stWallingford Bunkfest
September 21stShropshire Sharpshins Shindig, Shrewsbury
October 26thBathtime, Bath


February 24thSharp & Blunt Ale
March 18thEvening tour, Reading
March 23rd - 25thDERT, Sheffield
April 14thDarlington
April 20thFriday night ceilidh spot, FWO
May 19thLong Crendon Walkround
July 7th Mr Hemmings' Day of Dance, Abingdon
December 1st - 2nd Mabel Day shenanigans in Oxford


October 28thNorthgate's Big Day Out, Bath
December 2ndOxfordish?
December 3rdInternational Mabel Day, Oxford


January 9thDERT practice, evening tour (location TBC)
January 16th-17thWhittlesea Straw Bear
March 5thDERT practice, evening tour (location TBC)
March 11th-13thDERT 2016, Manchester
April 16thOxford Folk Festival
May 22nd(Kirtlington Lamb Ale)
May 27th-29th(Edinburgh)


January 24thDERT practice, evening tour of Reading
March 28thDERT practice, Shoreham
April 2nd-5thTrip to Brussels (talking North Brits as luggage)
April 10th-12thDERT 2015, Bristol
May 9thMr Hemmings' Day of Dance, Abingdon
May 31stKirtlington Lamb Ale
July 18th-19thSompting Village Ale
September 19thHarvest Festival, Peterborough
November 7thTour of Hammersmith
November 8thThrales' Sunday
December 5thTour of Jericho, Oxford
December 6thMabel Day, Oxford


January 4th(DERT practice, and evening tour of Newbury)
February 22ndDERT practice
March 7th-9thDERT, Leeds
June 7thTour of Oxford with Hammersmith Morris
August 16th-19thWhitby Folk Festival
August 31stWallingford Bunkfest
November 8thPub crawl round Hammersmith, London
November 9thThrales Sunday, Prince William Henry, Southwark
December 6thPub crawl round Jericho, Oxford
December 7thMabel Day, Oxford


February 12thReading pub tour
March 8th-10thDERT 2013, Burton-on-Trent
March 29th-April 1stHamburg trip, with North Britist
April 20thOxford Folk Weekend
June 22nd-23rdEvesham Morris Weekend
July 9thHit-and-run pub tour, Oxford city centre
July 24thDance-out with Adderbury Morris, Thrupp
September 28thMorris Federation Day of Dance, Shrewsbury
October 22ndHit and Run tour of Oxford, starting 8pm in Far From The Madding Crowd
November 9thEvening tour of Hammersmith
November 10thThrales Sunday, Prince William Henry, Southwark
November 30thEvening tour of Oxford
December 1stMabel Day


May 5thUpton on Severn Folk Festival
May 27thKirtlington Lamb Ale
June 15th-17thMiddlewich Folk and Boat Festival
July 31stAd hoc pub tour, Oxford. Starting Duke's Cut, 8pm.
October 16thAd hoc pub tour, Newbury
October 20thNewbury tour
November 11thThrales' Sunday, Prince William Henry, Southwark
December 2ndInternational Mabel Day XIII, Oxford


March 4-6Organising DERT, Oxford!
May 24thEast Oxford pub tour
June 19thKirtlington Lamb Ale
July 17thBrightfest, Red Lion, Brightwell-cum-Sotwell
November 12thOxfolk ceilidh (Dyer:Cummings with caller Alex Dyer)
November 13thThrales Sunday, Prince William Henry, Southwark
Dec 4thInternational Mabel Day, Oxford


April 10-11DERT, Derby
December 5Mabel Day XI


March 14thDERT, Newcastle
March 21stOxford Folk Festival
April 10-13th(Tongeren, Belgium, with Lamb & Flag)
October 20thTour of Reading
November 8thThrales' Sunday, Prince William Henry, Southwark
December 6thMabel Day X


January 11-12thWhite Star weekend, Tunbridge Wells
March 7-9thDERT 2008, Liverpool
March 17thSt Patrick's Night tour, Oxford
April 12thOxford Folk Festival
May 17thKirtlington Lamb Ale
May 24-26thInternational Sword Spectacular, York
June 6th"Spot" at Folk For MS Ceilidh, Wantage
June 19thFleur-de-Lys, Hagbourne, with Old Speckled Hen
July 29thQueen Victoria, Marston, with Vale Islanders
August 16-19thWhity Folk Week
September 26thTour of Marylebone with Thrales Rapper, London
November 8thTour of Soho with Thrales Rapper
November 9thThrales' Sunday, Southwark
December 6thJericho (Oxford) tour with Triskele
December 7thMabel Day IX


January 6-7thSeaside! Trip to Shoreham to visit Occasional Mabel Lynn.
Feb 3rdDERT practice and Woodstock tour
March 10thDERT, Nottingham
March 16thOxford
March 31stOxford Folk Festival
May Day weekendMoor and Coast Festival, Whitby
May 8thDance out with Kirtlington Morris
May 28thEvening tour with Headington Quarry Morris Men.
June 3rdKirtlington Lamb Ale
June 8-10thTrip to Cumberland with Jabberwocky
July 19thGeneral Eliot, Hinksey, with Jabberwocky
July 24thHenley, with OBJ
Oct 6-7thBristol Cider Tour
November 10th-12thTrip to Vienna
December 2ndMabel Day VIII


DateMabel danced at...
Jan 1stKillingworth Castle, with Jabberwocky
Jan 22ndOBJ's wassail, Stanford Dingley
Feb 11thThe debut of the Mabel Gubbins Catering Arm, for the Morris Fed. workshop.
March 18thDERT, York.
Read Jill's write-up!
April 29thMick Brooks Memorial Day, Haddenham
May 6thRogue's Last Stand
May 30thThe Swan, Islip and the Cherry Tree, Steventon
June 8thSteventon, with Old Speckled Hen
June 11thKirtlington Lamb Ale
June 28thThe Rising Sun, Stockcross, with Icknield
July 13thGeneral Elliott, South Hinksey, with Jabberwocky
Aug 15thOxford
September 3rdWallingford Bunkfest
(November 12th)(Thrales Sunday, Southwark)
December 3rdInternational Mabel Day VII, Oxford


DateMabel danced at...
June 8thOn tour with Towersey morris
June 23rdVarious pubs in Wallingford, then South Moreton with Old Speckled Hen
July 1stHaddenham Village Walkaround
July 19thWoodstock
Sept 4thWallingford Bunkfest
September 17-18thOn our Knees & Full of Chocolate Tour, Brugges, Belgium
November 13thThrales Day of Dance, South London
December 4thInternational Mabel Day VI


DateMabel danced at...
March 17thFar From The Madding Crowd, Oxford
March 27thDERT weekend, Bath
April 18thOxford Folk Festival
April 27thRed Lion, Wendlebury
May 2ndHastings Jack-in-the-Green Festival
May 8thOxford (with Rogue Morris)
May 12thThe Rising Sun, Stockcross (with Icknield)
May 29th-31stSword Spectacular weekend, Whitby
June 6thKirtlington Lamb Ale
September 4th-5thWallingford Bunkfest
September 25thBurton Beer Festival
December 5thInternational Mabel Day V

Old Stuff that doesn't fit into the table above

Steve Harris (from the e-Ceilidh discussion list) describing Mabel's spot at the Chippenham Festival Ceilidh:
And finally, a spot! As some of you know, I'm not a great fan of spots - still less m*rr*s. There was a ladies rapper side that got on, did one dance crisply and got off all in about 3 minutes. If you must have a spot, that's the way to do it! :-)

Mable went on a jolly to Burton - and Nigel from Ryknild wrote all about it.

Dave's report of Mabels Big Day Out at Chippenham festival.

In spring 2002, Mabel Gubbins WON MEDALS at DERT, the world's most glamorous rapper competition. The team was placed third for their performance of a traditional dance, and fought off fierce competition to come second with a dance of their own composition.


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