Mabel Gubbins Rapper

Bristol Cider Tour: 6th October 2007

Admirably Terse Write-Up Provided by Dr Fiona

Dancers Fiona, Angi, Katie, Lizzie, Jill, Sally

Musician Billy the Piper (no, not that one, though come to think of it, his pipes could easily have doubled as an alien)

Dance spots Rose of Denmark, Nova Scotia, SS Great Britain, The Orchard, Llandoger Trow, Harbourside, Pitcher and Porter, Cotham Porter Stores, Highbury Vaults, Micawbers, Scotchman and his Pack

Number of Dances 16

Best Dance Highbury Vaults

Most interesting spot under the bow (or was it the stern) of the SS Great Britain

Most appreciative audience the 5 unsuspecting souls in the Rose of Denmark who'd gone in for a quiet lunchtime pint

Pints of Cider ...erm

Best Hangover Angi

Worst Cold Lizzie

Most Ridiculous Wig Sally

Best Sporting Fixture England beating France in the Rugby World Cup

Best Excuse For Chocolate Katie I-think-I'm-going-to-faint Moss

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