Mabel Gubbins Rapper

International Mabel Day XVIII

Sunday December 3rd 2017

Mabel's annual tour of Oxford city-centre pubs is back. And this time it's... well, probably quite a lot like last time.

Getting There

The poscode for The Royal Blenheim is OX1 1PT. It is about ten minutes walk from the Gloucester Green bus station, about 15 minutes from the train station and easily accessed by the Park & Ride buses.

If you are planning to drive into the city centre, please be advised that parking is a bit of a nightmare. On-street parking is metered and for a limited time. Please consider the Park & Ride an an option!

The Teams

At present, we are expecting:

If you think your team should be on that list and isn't: tell us! And yes, we realise Camden aren't technically a rapper team. Won't that be nice?

Perhaps you would like to come along? Perhaps you'd like to bring a rapper side? Drop us a line if you would...

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