Mabel Gubbins Rapper

International Mabel Day XI

Sunday December 5th 2010

Meeting at The Royal Blenheim on St Ebbes St at Midday

The starting point for this year's tour will be The Royal Blenheim, the "new" starting pub first used in 2009. The Blenheim is utterly lovely, and will open from about eleven. It usually has at least eight hand pumps and some decent cider, too. It's great.

From there we will move on to other pubs, in some order that has not yet been decided owing to numbers not yet having been finalised and so on. We'll all meet in the Kings Arms around 4ish for the rest of the afternoon to dance, drink and make merry. There might be cake.

If you'd like to come along to Mabel Day - as an individual or with a team, to watch or to join in - drop us a line and we'll keep you posted.

The poscode for The Royal Blenheim is OX1 1PT. It is about ten minutes walk from the Gloucester Green bus station, about 15 minutes from the train station and easily accessed by the Park & Ride buses.

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