Mabel Gubbins Rapper

Mabel Go To Chippenham

- written by Dave-the-Tommy, in his best handwriting.

On the late May Bank holiday Mabel made their second annual tour of Chippenham pubs and other selected venues. Fine weather and lots of people made for good tour, and support from the festival ensured that they had plenty of venues to dance at.

Rather than stop at the Bear the team went back to The Angel to relax and wind down. This was the opportunity to thank Des Murphy for typing up an excellent tour itinery which helped to establish the running order for the day and bring Mabel to the attention of festival organisers.

The tour was accomplished without any performances smelling of parmesan and garlic, no significant injuries and a collection of approximately £56 for the festival. However Julie requested that next years itinery include opportunities for buying earrings.

The lasses did well. [he's so in trouble for that remark - ed]