Mabel Gubbins Rapper

Mabel Gubbins Rapper - Storming Woodstock

Mabel decided it was time to tackle a Proper Rapper Tour - more than three pubs, and with no time for cake and a nap in between! Katie, who chose to be known as Principal Pig for the evening, organised a string of pubs in Woodstock, Oxon.

Dave provides a very brisk and business-like commentary on the pubs visited. (Does anyone know why he talks about himself in the third person so much?)

Dave's Commentary

  1. Black Prince

Dirty dance - competent

After getting a lesson in shoe lace tying from a proffessional, Dave left his bike behind in his enthusiasm to get to the next pub

  1. Queens Own (aka Tuppenny Tube)

We did Bobbits to a small but select audience: 2 customers and the bar staff having their dinner...

  1. The Star

After David was asked not to eat his chips in the pub courtyard we did a competent DERTY dance to an indifferent audience.

  1. The Kings Head

Here we did Bobbits on the flag stone floor. There was a small but interested audience... Dave got talking to a guy who had just started drinking again after a period of abstinence....

  1. Punchbowl...a dire lads pub....

Rather than dance on the postage stamp size bit of floor next to the pool table away from the majority of punters we danced Bobbits on carpet next to the bar to another indifferent audience... no one bothered to buy a drink... was there anything worth drinking?

  1. The Marborough

We did a good DERTY dance here on a very old and slightly lumpy wooden floor at this posh hotel. Katie was very pleased she completed the dance correctly!

The St Austell Tribute was delicious

  1. Kings Arms Hotel

This extra blagged spot was one of the best... the landlord who was drinking in front of bar was quite keen for us to dance and the crowd had an almost clubby atmosphere... On the pre tour recce this had looked an unlikely venue - very restauranty... just shows to go you that things can look different on the night...

Dave shove a rather sozzled guy through fast'n'loose but was afraid to follow him through... he was said to have shot out the front like greased weasel droppings!

At this point we declined Dave's attempts to get us to dance in the chip shop and repaired to the Tuppenny Tube for drinks and chat.

A good night had by all.... when is the next tour like this?

Angi's footnote to Dave's commentary

Well it all sounds rather dreary - I had a much better time than the one represented here!

I would like it to go on record that the Principal Pig organised a crackling tour and I thoroughly enjoyed it - we danced not just competently I felt, and the music drove us along admirably. And the G&Ts in the Tuppenny Tube were splendid.

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