Mabel Gubbins Rapper

Rapper Tour of Burton-on-Trent

Or "What Mabel Gubbins and Ryknild Rapper did on their holidays, by


Saturday 20th September.

The Thomas Sykes

We started at this pub in the old Everard's Brewery complex. As the pub has a cobbled floor, we danced outside the front door. Having been fine all day, it started to spot with rain, but this did not put Mabel or Ryknild off dancing and a lot of the customers came out to watch as well. Some commented that they had seen us at previous beer festivals. Pete performed his first public rapper dance here. We finished off inside with a clog dance by Adrienne & Hannah.

The Compasses

A bit of space at the end of the bar proved a good dance floor, but you had to watch your position as Jackie found out when she banged her hip on the corner of the bar. Much to Toby's disgust, Lizzy beat him at a rather dis-jointed game of pool.

The Albert

Lovely dancing space here and a small but appreciative audience saw the performance of three rapper dances by Mabel and Ryknild.

The Devonshire

Roll up the darts mat and dance on a quarry tile floor. The room was hot and packed with other customers peering in at the door to watch the dancing.

The Coopers

We arrived to find the Landlord's farewell party in full swing. Due to lack of space we had to dance on the carpet in the front room, so each team did one token dance. There was a concern that the pub was going to close down, but we learnt that a pub chain had bought it. We await developments.......... Food had been laid on and there was still plenty left when we arrived and with no sign of the bar closing, it was a good way to finish a good tour.