Mabel Gubbins Rapper

Mabel Does Bruges

written by Elizabeth for the Morris Federation newsletter

During September, a bold band of adventurers set out for Bruges, intent on thororoughly investigating the beer, jenever and chocolate the city had to offer. Sadly, owing to an oversight on the part of customs, someone brought a bag of rapper swords along and revealed an ulterior motive in organising the trip: Mabel Gubbins' first venture abroad.

Bruges, as everyone knows, is packed full of tiny bars. Many of them have wooden floors and they all serve beer. A rapper dancers' dream. Sadly, only a few were willing to let us dance - most complained that they were too busy serving food, or just said no outright.

This was where we discovered what North West Morris teams are for. Fortunately, we'd taken Jabberwocky with us. In a crowded shopping street, a rapper team gets somewhat lost. Instead, you wind up your NW Morris team of choice, and let them go. They spend five minutes being loud and colourful, then the rapper team dances to a ready-made audience. It's wonderful.

"Wonderful" also describes Belgian audiences. Used as we are to be blank ambivalence of the average English shopping crowd, Belgians are amazing.

At the first hint that anything is happening, they form a polite, attentive, admiring crowd.

Despite having to dance outside now and then, we had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend. We danced in the Markt, Bruges' largest central square, and we danced in tiny little narrow roads outside bars. We danced in bars, a brewery and a restaurant or two and even managed to fit in a few bits of being proper tourists.

Angi is awared the Mabel Gubbins Ceremonial Laminated Cake for organising the entire thing. Where do we go next ?

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