Mabel Gubbins Rapper


Gin is very important. Along with Cake.

Mabel herself particularly recommends the marvellous cucumber-and-rose infused gin made by Hendrick's. And yes, if you're wondering, I did say cucumber. You should try it. Mabel first encountered it at The Brickworks on Cowley Rd, in Oxford, on what was an otherwise disastrous evening, and has been coveting it ever since.

Angi also says: Along with Hendricks, Plymouth is a jolly fine gin and, like Hendricks, is smooth enough to drink neat. I can heartily recommend the Navy Strengh - at an impressive 57% it is powerful enough for the most gin- soaked of Mabels.

Mabel's trip to Brugge was a fine chance to sample the local jenever, which is nearly as good as gin. And here we are doing it:

As part of our dedication to the cause of gin, we have been assiduously collecting recipes which use it. Just in case you get tired of cake.


Dr Fiona's Sloe Gin

Angi's Rapid Gin

Dr Fiona's Damson Gin Chocolates

Elderflower Cordial (to serve with gin)

Katie and Gary's G&T Sorbet

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