Mabel Gubbins Rapper

Mabel Gubbins - Picture Gallery

Mabel in Action!

In a lovely German brewpub in Lüneburg, video courtesy of Dr John.

Mabel dancing up a storm in the Shaston Arms, Soho, during DERT 2012.

Mabel were so busy organising DERT in 2011, that they didn't really have time to do any dancing there. Charan from VideoMagic recorded them dancing at the evening showcase - no time for a costume change (except for Sally, who simply can't be stopped)!

Dancing at Thrales' Sunday gathering in the Prince William Henry, Southwark, November 2006. Music by the ever-lovely Doug and Sarah.

Miscellaneous Photos

Moody Mabels, wearing shades, in front of Kirtlington church

The Mabel Mafia, Kirtlington Lamb Ale 2022

Laughing Mabels, with ceramic Championship plate

Mabel triumphantly displaying their winner's plate at DERT 2013.

Mabel's Exhibition Dance, 2006

Mabel's exhibition dance in the York Railway Museum, DERT 2006

Mabel dancing in a competition, DERT 2006

Mabel dancing in one of the competition pubs, DERT 2006

Mabel dancing in Oxford

Mabel dancing in Broad Street, Oxford. I forget why.

Mabel dancing at Kirtlington Lamb Ale

Mabel dancing outside (boo!) a pub, during Kirtlington Lamb Ale.

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